Grupo Cuarenta | Bathroom renovation in Soto Moraleja

Bathroom renovation in Soto Moraleja

Bathroom renovation in Soto Moraleja.

This is a bathroom refurbishment where each one has been given a different style.

The master bathroom has been coated with a smooth finish cement on floors and walls. Also the counter top and furniture under the washbassins and the niche above the toilet. The shower cabin has been tiled with bevelled shinny white metro tile, and has a little bench.

The children bathroom has a counter top washbasin over a wood unit. The walls are wood panneled in beige colour, with vertical stripes. The bathtub walls are made with shinny grey tiles. The floor is grey laminated wood. The tap shaped towell hangers are very original.

The last bathroom is covered by bevelled shinny white metro tile all over the walls. It is highlighted the classic old bronze taps, also the shower sprinkler, that contrast with the black lacquered metallic shower screen.

In the aseo, only the wahsbasin and tao has been renovated.

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