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Home Remodeling in Castellana

Duplex remodeling in Cuzco, Madrid

Most of the existing walls of the house have been demolished and new partitions have been built according to the new design.

On the ground floor we find the day area, with living space, tv room, kitchen, toilet, and the master bedroom with bathroom.

The living and dining area is higlighted by the beautiful design spiral staircase.

On the upper level we have the resting area with three bedrooms and two bathrooms

In respect of carpentry works, all the wardrobes are made in wood, painted in white, with handrail opening. New doors have been made, one of them with no jambs, and the black panelled sliding doors, with moldures.

The bookshelf in the tv room has been custom-made, and all the tv room walls have been covered with moldures. This room has been completely painted in bright grey colour. The flooring is made with a sisal carpet.

In the living room, the existing shelves have been renewd and painted in white. The chimney have been restored and added a pellets box.

The kitchen and toilet flooring have an original hydraulic tile design.



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