Grupo Cuarenta | House remodeling at Plaza Castilla, Madrid

House remodeling at Plaza Castilla, Madrid

House remodeling at Plaza Castilla, Madrid.

At the entrance of the living we have a cosy hall, which can be closed by a reticular framework sliding door made of black iron. Then we have a long wardrobe corridor

The heart of the house is the gorgeus space of kitchen, dining and living room. As a particularity, two led lines have been drawned below the ceiling, in order to give the space different sensations depending on the mood. It is remarkable the personal touch given by the clients, who had the idea of dressing the pilar and beam in wood, that adds colour to the room.

The modern kitchen unit and household appliances are panelled and finished in matt white. In front of it there is a wooden design table.

The private area is distributed by a cosy lobby, from which we can enter in the bedrooms. The master bedroom conceibed as a resting room has a large line of wardrobres and a complete bathroom, where porcelanic tiles and wood have been combined. The backlighted mirrors above the washbassin are gorgeous.

The other bathroom finishes are in a grey wooden-like porcelanic tiles. Concerning the rest of finishes of the house, the main floor is a wood platform, and hydraulic tiles for the terrace and kitchen.

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