Grupo Cuarenta | House remodeling in Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid

House remodeling in Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid

House remodeling in Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid.

This house has a particular style, as the result of different modern-industrial touches combined with classic and vintage ones.

At the entrance we find the main open space, which is the most attractive part of the house: the living and dining room and the open kitchen, with a little storage room. There is also a guest bathroom and a working place beside the long window that provides natural light from the outside and enables to enjoy the magnificent views of the city.

Across the corridor from the kitchen we get in the private area, where we find the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room. The master bedroom has a dressing room and a half-open bathroom, which has a large iron window that allows to connect the relaxing areas of bath and bed. The children bedrooms are divided with an sliding door that can be closed to get independence in both rooms.

All the flooring is in oak, except the bathrooms, in porcelanic stoneware. The two bathrooms are have sand and stone colour tiles, and countertops in wood. Hydraulic tiles have been used for the storage and laundry room floors.

Indirect light is significant in the distribution area and in the dressing room. Structurals elements such us concrete pillars in the living room and bedroom give and industrial sensation to the surrounding space.

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