Grupo Cuarenta | PR137



House remodeling in Bº Salamanca, Madrid.

Living rooms are placed in a unique space with two atmospheres with the chimney in the center of the room. The dining room faces the living room and the kitchen.

On the south elevation we find one sitting room, guests bedroom and one bedroom with dressing room and private bathroom.

The master bedroom has an open dressing room and private bathroom too. Only the toilet cabin is closed to the space with a glass door. All the resting doors are white lacquered, and in shinny black on the inside, and so are the wardrobes and bath furniture. Then when the room is closed, you can feel like if you where stuck in a black cube.

Two different floors are used in the house: Melis Pine installed in herringbone style, with a perimetral frame, and a combined marble chercerboard, on Ibiza white and Marquina black. The entrance, the kitchen and dining-room, the master dressing room and bathroom are made of this flooring.

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