Grupo Cuarenta | PR221



What symbolises this house the most is the light in each and every corner. Light colours walls and doors provide the house of greater clarity and brightness.

The big living room face the swimming pool in the outside and the garden-terrace, which helps unify both in and out spaces. The living room is placed by the central chimney that separates the dining room on the other side.

The design staircase brings us to the upper levels of the house. It is designed in wood, and it has only steps joined by the edge.

Light enters in the house by the swimming pool fachade. In addition there are floor wahslights in all the line.

From the master bedroom we get into the dressing room and bathroom, made of Microcement. The beds of the two bedrooms on the attic are on the same floor in order to take the most advantage and the wardrobes are placed on the higher side.

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