Grupo Cuarenta | PR380



Restaurant remodeling in Madrid.

This reform has changed all distribution of the previous local, by choosing new materials and finishes, and a new lightning.

At the entrance we can find the titanium polished granite bar with an upper metallic self as a drink storage.

All the flooring is in hydraulic gres, combined with wood planks drawing an orthogonal pattern. At the entrance can see the bricks of the fachade. The walls remaining are dressed with a rustic palster finish. Bathrooms have been maintained in the same place than before. The floor has been changed for grey ceramic tiles, and walls are dressed with shinny white tiles. As a curiosity, the sinks are made with cooking pots, and the taps are water pipes.

It is remarkable the lightning design of all spaces. Starting from the custom-made metallic lamp that covers all the ceiling, until the light wood crosses, that highlights the green metro tiles placed below the perimetral bar.

The existing windows have been kept but with a surface sanding. Also the existing furniture and shelves, that are combined with the new vintage tables and chairs.

The structural pillars are visible in the spaces. At the bar zone they are painted in matt black, and in the dining room they are in wood above the stone basement.

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