Grupo Cuarenta | PR731



Full refurbishment for ST Consultant’s office on Príncipe de Vergara Street, Madrid.

The main idea for the concept used in these offices was the combination between function and design.

Importance is given to the necessity of having a large open space where all employees can work together and communication between them is easier. Also, the tables were designed with organic shapes with the aim of promoting a fluid communication and collaborative work.

On the one hand, it is important to point out the exposed ceiling showing all installations giving an industrial look to the place. It also helps to get a balance with the different elements that compound the spaces.

On the other hand, bespoke joinery with lockers, wardrobes, reception and also a grandstand as a rest zone, which is a multifunctional furniture because the seats can be moved and comfortably located as desired.

Architecs: Álvarez Sotelo arquitectos.


Instagram: @alvarezsoteloarquitectos

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