Grupo Cuarenta | PR733



Refurbishment of the Olmo restaurant, for Alcaravea group, in Argüelles, Madrid.

At its entrance, It is appreciated a centenary elm tree that is the basis that has been used in the general decoration of the restaurant, with the biophilic design being present at all times.

The restaurant is divided in two floors and it has seven different rooms, each one with its own distribution and decoration. In all of them, nature remains present in a different way.

In addition, it has a cream coloured marble counter bar that brings warmth to the atmosphere  and it perfectly matches with the tones and colours used in the different elements that create the restaurant.

In the interior design, it should be pointed out that the variety of colours used in the whole place, the combination between modern style with some classic details, the wallpapers and the exposed brick walls. In addition, the designer wanted to create the illusion of the elm tree enclosing all the rooms of the restaurant using plants, roots and leafs distributed throughout the eating place.

Interior: Marisa Gutiérrez. 


Instagram: @marisagutierrezdecoracion

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